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Richard Testa

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

Some people might refer to my passion for real estate as “over the top,” but I view it as my greatest attribute!  Looking back on my life, my passion for real estate developed at a young age.  I experienced firsthand how my parents truly brought out the meaning of making a property a home.

They instilled in me a strong work ethic and good moral values that I have carried on through my life.  Just ask me about how I have stood up for people and clients in all types of situations.

For these reasons and more, I am NOT the typical real estate agent.  My background is in strategic marketing, working for consumer product companies and advertising agencies.  Furthermore, I was a VP for a consulting company, working for major CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and teaching Six Sigma.  My strategic marketing background and invaluable work experience has taught me top-notch negotiation skills and to pay specific attention to the details of each property.

Despite my great success in the business world, I always wanted to work for myself.  I combined that desire with my passion for real estate which led me to become a Licensed Salesperson, and now, an Associate Real Estate Broker.  When I entered the industry everyone had a cookie-cutter approach to real estate.  I used my business background to evaluate the industry and develop a disruptive strategy that no other real estate agent can mimic.

I look to change the real estate industry daily by following the business and consumer trends to develop new, innovative strategic marketing concepts, resulting in the highest possible sale price for your home.  My success can be seen in the over $25 million in sales per year and in my lifelong clients, many of which have become great family friends.


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Robert Testa

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

I found myself drawn to real estate at an early age through my father, Rich.  Regardless of where our family vacations took us, we always incorporated a visit to the local real estate office to view properties in the area and learn about the local market.  Furthermore, when we visited the homes of friends and family, I wanted to be the first person to get a tour of the house and then provide the tour to the rest of my family.  This life-long interest has led me to a career in real estate, in which I have 7 years of experience as a Real Estate Agent and Associate Broker.

I achieved a dual major in Business Administration and Communications from SUNY Geneseo and furthered my education by obtaining a Marketing and Project Management Masters Degree from RIT.  I apply my educational background to real estate everyday by launching a product, ie., your house, through the business cycles of pre-market evaluation, targeted marketing, negotiating contracts and terms, and personally seeing your home through to closing.

I understand the emotions behind selling your home and the value in hiring a business professional you can rely on to communicate openly with you and on your behalf.  Our business model takes you though the real estate process step-by-step, so you thoroughly understand where you are in the home-selling process each and every day.

Working alongside my father, I have learned the ins and outs of the real estate industry from a young age, and combined with my educational background, this has launched our business to the top selling team for HUNT Real Estate in the Greater Rochester Region.  From my passion of real estate, and  helping people at a young age, to my business and marketing background and experience, we’ve become the best marketing team in the industry with proven results.


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